Feminism at UMW

Feminism is a collection of ideas centered on the role of gender and how it shapes one’s life. Feminism also seeks to challenge hierarchal inequities and binary classifications. The framework of feminism can be applied to everyday life. An example of application can be seen through the differences in gender in UMW faculty departments to see if department determines gender. In this study, 4 department were chosen: Geography, English, Chemistry, and Math. Using online faculty information, a table was drawn in a field notebook and was used to tally the number of female and male faculty members in each department. Based on the tally marks as seen in the picture below, it does show that certain departments, such as Geography, Chemistry, and Math have a predominately male faculty than English, which has mostly female faculty. Based on the information, it seems that males tend to dominate the hard sciences and maths, while the humanities are predominately female. But since this is only a few of the departments, more information on other departments could refute this conclusion. Furthermore, some of these departments, such as Chemistry and Math, are very close in their tallies, with a difference of 2. Because of this, the predominance of a certain gender could easily switch from male to female if more female faculty was added or if some of the males left.

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