Geography and Describing the World

Geography in formal terms is the study of the physical features of the earth as well as the study of human activity and how it affects or is affected by these physical features. In other cases, Geography is said to mean, “writing the world,” or “writing the earth.” This agrees with most other definitions of geography because geography simply explains and describes the physical and human characteristics of our world. Geographers seek to answer the “where” and “why.” In terms of the “where,” geographers first identify where something is located, whether that be a mountain or a group of people. Then as they are doing their research on a particular subject, they then ask themselves questions such as, why does one country have more arable land then another? Why does this group of people live in this specific area? Why is one town more wealthy than another? In doing so, they further assist in our understanding of why the world is the way it is by studying and publishing new information to keep us informed.

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