Mini-Study on Chick-fil-a

Critical rationalism is a philosophy developed by Karl Popper, which emphasizes deductive reasoning and the falsification of hypotheses and theories. Critical rationalists start out with a theory, followed by a prediction that can be falsified in order to learn from one’s mistake. In my study, I decided to test the theory, “more people go to Chick-fil-a at the mall because they get their food faster.” My predication was, “If people go to Chick-fil-a, then they will get their food faster than other places at the mall.”

The experiment took place at the Spotsylvania Mall Food Court on February 5, 2020. The time I began collection was at 1:19pm and the weather was overcast and rainy. I was with no one else to complete this experiment.

For this experiment, three restaurants were tested. Theses restaurants were Chick-fil-a, Villa, and China Max. For each place, I used the timer on my phone to time how long it took for three customers at each food place to receive their food. The timer started when the customer left the register and stopped when the person received their food. Along with this, the number of people in line were also recorded. For Chick-fil-a their was 11 people in line, Villa had 5 people in line, and China Max had 5 people in line as well.

The results showed Chick-fil-a had a average time of 6 minutes, villa had 2 minutes, and China Max had 1 minute. Based on the results, it shows that the theory and prediction both were proven to be false. The reason why this may have occurred is because certain variable may not have bee taken into account. An example of one is the amount of food a person ordered. If a person ordered a considerable amount of food, it would take much longer for them to get their food than others who ordered less. Another variable could be the amount of people working behind the counter during the time data was collected. If there are less people, food may come out slower than with more people working. Since this theory and prediction was proven false, there must be other reasons as to why more people go to Chick-fil-a than the other food places at the mall. Some of these reasons could be that people like Chick-fil-a more than other places. Another reason could be it’s placement. Chick-fil-a is located at the front of the food court and people may not want to walk all the way down to the other end of the food court to get food at another place.

Based on Popper’s definition of a severe test, I can say that my experiment is not an example of a severe test. Even though the results did prove the theory and prediction wrong, there are so many variable and factors that it makes it difficult to create a conclusive severe test.

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